Two pears feature in Tru-Cape’s current promotional basket

South Africa :Driving consumption of South Africa’s apple and pear crop is one of Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, South Africa’s favourite apple and pear brand, and the largest exporter of the county’s pome (deciduous fruit with many seeds) crop, primary objectives.

According to Tru-Cape Marketing Director, Conrad Fick, the pear crop is currently a focus for the company. “We are busy profiling two pears, Abate Fetel (say ah-BAH-tay fuh-TEL) and Forelle. The reason we’ve chosen to pair these pears is the one, Abate Fetel, eats as well crisp as it does when it ripens further and becomes very juicy, aromatic and sweeter. Forelle, on the other hand, is known for its bell shape and its golden yellow skin with red blush and conspicuous lenticels (tiny spots) and are best ripened at home: first kept in the fridge and then left on the counter for a day or two for perfect eating.

“I think it is interesting that the pear named after a monk, the Abbot Fetel has a long, banana-shaped and elegant neck while the one that is shaped like a Cathederal’s bell is called Forelle. Abate Fetel pears, although French in origin and dating back to 1896, are still the most desired pear in Italy,” Fick says.

Fick says that Tru-Cape is currently running promotional activity which includes a social-media strategy offering R17, 500 in shopping vouchers as prizes for selected people who participate in the Pear Funfair. “We are inviting our customers to create recipes and upload their photos and videos to our Facebook and Instagram streams. The winning recipes will be professionally filmed by our media crew and the winning contestants stand a chance of becoming You Tube stars. Also, it turns out this promotion is a perfectly healthy lockdown activity.”

See Tru-Cape Facebook or Instagram pages and for more info.

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