Innovations and Modifications from Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH at the Agritechnica 2019

Lifting and rotating system with new multi-disc brake for tractor cab front 

Agro Mover in two versions and large agricultural tractor with rotating driver’s cab and new multi-disc brake in Hanover

  • New: Agro Mover now available in the “Transport” and “Work” versions New: for the first time Paul Nutzfahrzeuge realizes the conversion of an all-wheel drive truck from Iveco to the Agro Mover 
  • New: hydraulic motor with integrated multi-disc brake increases safety of large agricultural tractors with a lifting and rotating driver’s cab

 Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH will present numerous innovations of its programme of individually custom-made and practice-oriented agricultural vehicle solutions at the Agritechnica in Hanover from 10 to 16 November 2019.

At the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and technology, the company from Vilshofen will show two vehicles at its exhibition area in hall 5 of the Hanover exhibition grounds (stand no. A06). There, the Agro Mover will take centre-stage. Up to now there was only one version of this special agricultural vehicle type but in the future the Agro Mover will be available on the market in two configurations with the type designations “Transport” and “Work”. At Paul Nutzfahrzeuge’s stand in hall 5 the Agro Mover will be presented in the new “Work” variant based upon a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2051 AS 4×4 installed on an impressive jet-black large agricultural tractor special edition 9340 TTV Warrior from Deutz-Fahr. For the first time the hydraulic motor of the innovative rotating mechanism has been equipped with a new integrated multidisc brake, which allows for a safe locking of the cab in each drive and work mode .

A global novelty is presented by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge at the exhibition stand of Martin Reisch GmbH, a company which has specialized in the construction of 3-way tippers. Mover which Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has put into practice for the first time based upon an Iveco Trakker 4×4. This debut vehicle is on exhibition in hall 4 (stand No. B06), equipped with a large-volume aluminium tipper body from Reisch’s Agrimaxx series.

Agro Mover now available in two versions: “Transport” and “Work”

For many years now the Agro Mover developed by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has been an extremely successful concept in agricultural enterprises as well as in the fields of business of contractors and machinery cooperatives. It is based on powerful allwheel drive semitrailer tractors from different manufacturers and is upgraded at Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH with numerous agriculture and forestry specific additional systems and equipment features culminating in a powerful “agricultural all-rounder”. As of now Paul Nutzfahrzeuge subdivides the Agro Mover range into two versions which are exactly tailored for the specific requirement profiles of modern agriculture or forestry holdings and enterprises.

The Agro Mover “Transport” with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission is above all specialized in agricultural transport tasks from the farm or field to further processing or marketing. Therefore, all those applications are paramount where high transport volumes as well as getting ahead fast with up to 80 km/h on the freeway are requested. At the same time, the highest off-road capabilities are in demand for ground conserving driving on grasslands, crop lands or unsurfaced field paths, dirt roads and forest tracks on the way to the place of loading or unloading. Due to the equipment with fifth wheel coupling and hitch ball coupling as well as a heightadjustable tow coupling, the Agro Mover tractor unit can be used in combination with all standard agricultural trailers and semitrailers. As standard, the vehicle is equipped and supplied by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge with large-volume tires, thus ensuring maximum soil protection, as well as a load-sensing hydraulic system with four proportional dual-action hydraulic cell control devices and in total eleven hydraulic fittings at the rear.

The all-wheel drive professional Agro Mover “Work” is highlighted by a far more comprehensive equipment due to the fact that this vehicle concept has been designed as a real “agricultural all-rounder” for all-season applications with implements. Equipped with powerful implements, it fulfills the highest demands in the field as reliable as with high transport speeds of up to 80 km/h on the freeways. The “Work” version, designed as a dual-use combination of agricultural tractor and transport vehicle, is equipped with a manual transmission, a mechanical rear power take-off (PTO) with an output of up to 360 kW and an Isobus equipment including an Isobus terminal in the driver’s cab.

After modification by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, the “Work” version is equipped with ground conserving tires, a load-sensing hydraulic system, four proportional and dualaction control devices and in total eleven hydraulic fittings at the rear, same as the Agro Mover “Transport”. The fitting of a tire pressure control system for driving on particularly sensitive grounds is also possible without problems. A GPS based track guidance system is also available which can be optionally supplemented by a fully automatic steering system. This enables “autonomous driving” with exact track guidance on large field areas.

This “All-in-One” concept considerably increases the range of applications for working with high-power accessories, attachments and mounted implements such as woodchoppers, loader waggons, balers or liquid manure spreaders. Without the necessity of reloading at the field edge the “Work” concept has been consistently designed for highest operational effectiveness in modern agriculture or forestry holdings as well as in the business areas of contractors and machinery cooperatives. For this purpose, the Agro Mover “Work” is always custom-made with regard to the individual requirements of the operator.

World premiere: 

Agro Mover “Transport” for the first time based upon the Iveco Trakker 4×4

For the first time Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has converted an all-wheel drive truck from the Iveco Trakker series into an Agro Mover “Transport”. The heavy-duty two-axle construction and off-road truck of the Trakker AD 400 4×4 type has a wheelbase of 3,800 mm, an automated Eurotronic 12-speed transmission (ZF AS-Tronic) and the powerful Iveco Cursor 13 diesel engine featuring a displacement of 12.9 litres and an output of 331 kW (450 hp). Its compact dimensions with a length of 6,500 mm and a height of approximately 3,600 mm enable the Iveco version of the Agro Mover “Transport” to cope with narrow courtyard entrances, low entry gates at biogas plants and manoeuvring in cramped conditions without any problem.

At the Agritechnica 2019 the Iveco Trakker will be presented for the first time with the complete equipment of the Agro Mover “Transport” which predestines it for the use as tractor vehicle ideally suited for towing all standard agricultural trailers and semitrailers. The hitching height of the Jost fifth wheel coupling of 1,410 mm has been optimized for transport operations in combination with agricultural trailers. The scope of conversion includes the shortening of the rear frame overhang. This allows for manufacturing and mounting a towing bracket specially designed for agricultural tractors. The special design of this towing bracket enables the additional fitting of a Scharmüller K 80 hitch ball coupling. The tow coupling is height-adjustable and therefore suited for all kinds of agricultural trailers. Furthermore, with the K 80 trailer coupling including the forced steering for both sides a high heavy-duty drawbar load of 3.0 tons in total can be safely guaranteed.

The “Transport” equipment of the vehicle is supplemented by the load-sensing hydraulic system with four proportional dual-action control devices, a large-volume 120 cm³ hydraulic pump at the power take-off on the engine side as well as eleven hydraulic fittings at the rear.

The permissible gross vehicle weight for the Iveco-Trakker towing truck amounts to 18 tons, the permissible load capacity is 7.2 tons. The technical axle load amounts to a maximum of 19.4 tons. It is split into up to 9.0 tons at the front axle and a maximum of 10.4 tons at the rear axle.

At the premises of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge all necessary adjustment work has been carried out for the tire dimension change to Alliance tires of the size 445/65 R 22.5 at the front axle and 600/50 R 22.5 at the single tire rear axle. All tires are mounted on steel rims. The large-volume Terra tires make a significant contribution towards ensuring maximum soil protection when driving on grasslands and forest trails, whenever the agricultural products are to be picked up directly at the field edge.

Other equipment details converting the Iveco Trakker at Paul Nutzfahrzeuge into a fully-fledged Agro Mover are, among others, the Isobus operator’s terminal, a hose swivel arm in front of the fifth wheel coupling, a rear-view backup camera with two inputs, seven LED working lights, two three-pin sockets including a voltage converter and as a matter of course the registration as an “agricultural or forestry tractor” by the TÜV Süd (Technical Control Board for Southern Germany).

Agricultural all-round workhorse at the Agritechnica 2019:

Agro Mover “Work” with manual transmission and rear PTO

The “Work” version of the Agro Mover is an agricultural dual-use chassis from inhouse development, which is predestined for all-season applications. The impressive exhibition vehicle at the exhibition stand of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge in Hall 5 is based upon an all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2051 AS 4×4 semitrailer tractor with a displacement of 12.8 litres, an engine output of 375 kW (510 hp) and a manual transmission with 16 forward gears and two reverse gears. The compacted arrangement of the hydraulic parts on a beam directly behind the driver’s cab is another innovation – this facilitates all necessary inspections as well as any kind of service and maintenance work.

Due to the multitude of agricultural additional equipment the versatility of the Agro Mover in the “Work” variant on display in Hanover is increased considerably. They include the load-sensing hydraulic system as well as the EHR traction position control system which ensures soil tillage of equal depth. The Agro Mover “Work” is equipped with a mechanical rear PTO which develops an output of up to 360 kW for driving the high-power implements. On the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2051 AS 4×4 it is completely  integrated into the frame without any changes of the coupling height. In addition to the large-volume tires with a size of 445/65 R 22.5 at the front axle and 600/50 R 22.5 at the single tire rear axle, the tire pressure control system from Alligator ensures a permanent control of the correct tire pressure.

“Work” in the sense of the word: double earner through all-season application In addition to its main field of application − time-saving applications on the field, in the grasslands and on the freeway – the “Work” version of the Agro Mover offers an additional benefit for agricultural enterprises due to the possibility of implement operation via its rear PTO. Thus it can earn money throughout the whole year. The specific agricultural equipment concept from Paul Nutzfahrzeuge allows for an unrestricted number of additional dual-use applications in municipal services, logistics or construction industry during times when there is less work in the main fields of operation of an agricultural or forestry business. The result: no idle times, no downtimes and pure profitability for the operator.

A possible example illustrating such kinds of dual use applications is the use in wintertime, e.g. in combination with a snowplough and a large volume automatic spreader for grid or pre-wetted salt. For this purpose a front attachment plate with snowplough illumination and hydraulic system can be attached at the vehicle front − and the vehicle is ready for the all-round application in municipal winter services. For the operation of a snowplough the integration of a snowplough relief is possible as well.

Innovation for large agricultural tractors with a lifting and rotating driver’s cab:

integrated multi-disc brake enables safe locking mechanism

Lifting, lowering, rotating, driving – this is a new dimension of lifting kinematics which has been developed by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge on behalf of Rottenkolber Umwelttechnik GmbH. On large agricultural tractors of the type 9340 TTV from the series 9 by Deutz-Fahr the complete driver’s cab can be hydraulically lifted, lowered and rotated clockwise from 0 to 200 degrees. This development facilitates the driver’s and/or operator’s work considerably, in particular when it comes to working with large-sized implements or attachments at the front and rear. Furthermore, the lifting and rotating system ensures a clear increase of safety, relieves the operator and enhances the efficiency during implement operation.

A new hydraulic motor with integrated multi-disc brake is the highlight of the tractor modification presented at the Agritechnica 2019. This ensures that the driver’s cab is always safely locked in every operating position and also in the driving position. The hydraulic multi-disc brake is always automatically engaged when there is no pressure applied at the engine. Thus it is ensured that the driver’s cab remains safely in the position defined by the driver. It is only released – which also takes place  automatically – when the driver or operator gets the rotating mechanism going and, by doing so, increases the hydraulic pressure on the engine. The multi-disc brake is released and the entire operation is carried out via the joystick of the control unit developed by Paul Nutzfahrzeuge. The joystick can be positioned flexibly within the driver’s cab.

During this modification the chassis of the tractor was deliberately left unchanged which results in an advantageous favourable price performance ratio for this stunning vehicle concept. However, decisive improvements have been made to the comfort of the driver: particular features are the excellent all-round view in driving and pushing operations as well as the comfortable design of the driver’s place of work where all controls are located within easy reach of the driver. Above all the ergonomically optimized seating position with numerous adjustment options for the driver’s seat is a path-breaking feature. Work with implements in the forest or in the field which often lasts for several hours is facilitated even for tall drivers, and thus the comfortable seating position prevents precarious driver fatigue efficiently.

The Lower Bavarian special-purpose vehicle experts of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH present the lifting and rotating mechanism for the driver’s cab with multi-disc brake based upon a limited special edition of the Deutz-Fahr 9340 TTV Warrior in jet-black “Wow! ” optics at their exhibition stand no. A06 in hall 5. This is done together with the team of agricultural technology experts of Rottenkolber Umwelttechnik GmbH on behalf of whom Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH has developed the unique lifting and rotating mechanism with integrated multi-disc brake.

 Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH – Special Trucks & Chassis

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH converts up to 1,000 commercial vehicles per year. High-quality production and on-time delivery of custom-engineered solutions for specific applications are the speciality of the globally active company headquartered at Vilshofen on the Danube in Lower Bavaria, and have made it a market leader. Special chassis modifications, incorporation of additional axles, special vehicle configurations and body solutions for a variety of different fields of application are developed in close cooperation with the customer and implemented from a single source and under one roof. Development and production of the company’s own chassis are an increasingly important part of the company’s special vehicle construction activities. On a world-wide scale, approximately 190 employees are working for Paul Nutzfahrzeuge’s Special Trucks & Chassis unit in the areas of vehicle construction, service and sales.


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