Resilience in the time of COVID

Many companies are struggling to cope with the pandemic that has caused deaths of well over 400,000 people globally. In Kenya it is no different with the effects of the pandemic being felt by businesses countrywide. So much so that most have closed shop, rendering thousands jobless.

Most processing companies are closing shop because of lack of market as well as high energy costs with low production. This is because the cost of running companies and the lack of market due to strict lockdowns has slowed down production of various consumer goods.

Solar Power

On the other hand, two companies in Kenya have a reason to continue with their production after a leading clean solar power provider in the world, German based REDAVIA Company partnered with two local firms to cushion them against the effects of Covid-19.

REDAVIA, which is leader of cost-effective, reliable, and clean solar power for businesses, has signed Covid-19 Resilience Leases with the leading Nakuru-based animal feeds manufacturer Wonder Feeds Limited and Siginon Aviation a logistics company, offering these businesses six months of free solar to withstand the Covid-19 crisis.

The partnership comes as a big relief for both companies which means their customers would be assured of continued service provision and quality products and the workers will keep their jobs. One of the managing directors Mr Abdul Parkar of Wonder Feeds expressed his optimism that the collaboration will save the companies millions in energy bills. He further added that it will help provide a steady production due to the reliable power backup.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, Wonder Feeds Limited had upgraded its factory to accommodate its animal feed products business. However, this did not stop their production line from making quality feeds amid Covid-19 crisis. According to Mr Parkar the company management maintained product prices for customers despite the increase of raw material costs, leaving the company with higher operating expenses.

The new collaboration with Redavia is a game changer and Mr Parkar says the benefits of the deal will trickle down to their loyal customers.

Siginon Aviation which is a ground handling company based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi was also happy with the deal. Mr Edwin Ronoh, Siginon Group Finance Leader said that REDAVIA’s free solar power solution supports our environment policy to the community.

Siginon is one of the few companies in Kenya that advocate for green agenda as one of its key business objective.

Covid-19 has disrupted many African businesses significantly and in this challenging time such gesture by REDAVIA would reduce their operating costs with a flexible free solar plant leasing service. The company has introduced the Covid-19 Resilience Lease, which provides six months free solar power plants to cushion businesses from the effects of the deadly virus.


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