New incentives for Nigerian farmers in Sokoto State

By Oscar Nkala

The Nigerian State of Sokoto has introduced new incentives to encourage farmers to increase the area under wheat, sesame, garlic and onion cultivation.

State Governor Aminu Wazir Tambuwal said the additional support will be include loans and grants as well as the training of farmers and extension workers in modern farming techniques.

The government will also provide farmers with free and improved seed varieties, fertilisers, pesticides and the lease of equipment like tractors to boost production.

Tambuwal said the new support package was the culmination of a government review of agricultural policies and the economic benefit of the particular crops in the local and export market.

‘‘Our support for wheat, garlic, sesame and onions farmers has been doubled to enable Sokoto State to maintain its position as the leading producers of these crops in the Nigerian federation,’’ he said.

He said the State government will continue to encourage private sector participation and partnerships in the development and growth of commercial agriculture in the state.

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