New Holland Agriculture’s highlights at Agritechnica 2019

  • Opportunity to view a wide range of New Holland agricultural equipment 
  • New Holland Agriculture wins two Tractor of the Year® awards
  • New Holland wins Machine of the Year 2020 award 
  • Display includes three Agritechnica Innovation Award winners 
  • Products of special interest to visitors from Asia, Middle East and Africa

New Holland Agriculture has a strong presence at Agritechnica 2019 (10th to 16th November), showcasing a wide range of world-class agricultural equipment. New Holland’s display area gives visitors the opportunity to see a variety of tractors; combines; balers; implements and, as a glimpse into the future of farming, a selection of technology for an energy-independent farm.

Held at the Deutsche Messe exhibition centre in Hannover, Germany, Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery. This year’s seven-day event is expected to attract 450,000 visitors from 130 countries.

New Holland wins two coveted Tractor of the Year awards
The T6 Methane Power, the world’s first production methane tractor, was crowned the inaugural ‘Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2020’, and the T4 V/N/F tractor range received the coveted title of ‘Tractor of the Year 2020’ in the Best of Specialized category. The Tractor of the Year jury comprises journalists specializing in agricultural mechanization, representing leading European agricultural publications from 24 countries.

The T6 Methane Power is the culmination of New Holland’s pioneering work on the use of alternative fuels through its Clean Energy Leader strategy, and it is a significant step forward on the path to decarbonizing agriculture. Commercially available in 2020, it offers economic and practical advantages, which are further enhanced when using biomethane.

Its outstanding performance comes in an exceptionally eco-friendly package, delivering up to 30% lower running costs. In real field conditions, the T6 Methane Power tractor produces 99% less particulate matter than an equivalent diesel configuration, and reduces CO2 emissions by minimum 10% and overall emissions by 80%. This tractor is a key element in New Holland’s Energy Independent Farm Concept, closing the loop of a true circular economy, from fields to energy generation and back to fields – a complete CO2-neutral cycle.

The second award, in the ‘Tractor of the Year 2020’ Best of Specialized category was presented to the New Holland T4 V/N/F range for its advanced technology package, comprising Terraglide™ front axle adjustable suspension that deliver a smooth ride, and when coupled with Trelleborg PneuTrac tyres provides greater traction when working on hillsides, as well as improving fuel economy.

The T4N Terraglide delivers best-in-class stability, especially with heavy front implements, with the anti-dive/squat feature, which prevents pitching during braking and acceleration. The axle roll control further adds to the tractor’s stability, preventing excessive oscillation and the risk of rolling over when working side slope. The operator not only enjoys the comfort of reduced tractor roll, but also greater safety from its stability.

New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density wins Machine of the Year 2020 award 
The New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density was awarded the title of  ‘Machine of the Year 2020’ in the Forage Harvesting category by a jury panel of journalists representing the leading European agricultural publications. The machine received the coveted award for its technical innovation and the benefits it brings to customers, with selection criteria focusing on innovative features, performance, productivity, cost of operation, ease of use and operator comfort.
Three award-winning technologies on show 
New Holland’s display includes three agricultural technologies which have just won Silver Medals in the 2019 Agritechnica Innovation Awards: a driveline for a high-density big baler, the enhanced CX combine threshing system, and a baler control system for the T7 tractor. The first two are available in close to every market across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

New Holland’s unique driveline concept for a high-density big baler is an industry first which increases productivity, enhances operator comfort, and improves tractor driveline protection. This employs two-speed powershift start-up technology to increase torque by 79% for smooth baler engagement, and a large-diameter flywheel which generates 230% more energy than previously for more comfortable and efficient baling.

New Holland’s proven four-drum threshing system in the CX combine now benefits from a new Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum design with offset rasp bars which achieves a smoother crop flow and increases capacity by as much as 10%. This innovation uses 16% less threshing power to reduce fuel consumption, as well as lowering in-cab noise to improve operator comfort.

New Holland highlights for farmers in Asia, Middle East and Africa
The new BigBaler 1290 High Density model is the most efficient large square baler in its segment. Across Asia, the Middle East and Africa markets, a future release of the new BigBaler 1290 High Density model is planned for China, where the machine will be commercialized in rotor cutter version in 2020.

This machine produces bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional large square balers, significantly increasing transport and bale handling efficiency. The new MaxiSweep™ pick-up helps with feeding crops at higher rates and the new, unique SmartShift™ gearbox delivers a soft start up, resulting in greater operator comfort and overload protection for the tractor’s driveline.

The BigBaler 1290 High Density also features New Holland’s unique and patented Loop Master™ knotting technology, which ensures best-in-class solid binding. And a new-generation Loop Master knotter is now being introduced on all BigBaler models including the popular BigBaler Plus. This allows the twine to retain 15% higher tensile strength, reducing the risk of twine snapping or knots untying. The loop-knotting process eliminates offcuts left loose on the bale and in the field, improving forage quality and reducing environmental impact.

Among all the equipment displayed by New Holland at Agritechnica 2019, the CR Revelation, CX7 and CX8 combines will be of particular interest to farmers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Improvements to the CR Revelation have increased its harvesting productivity by up to 25% in the last five years, ensuring that this combine continues to offer large-scale farmer the best harvest performance, grain quality and Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. The CX7 and CX8 range have also benefited from a host of improvements that improve productivity, notably the award-winning Ultra-Flow™ four-drum threshing system with its staggered drum design.

Among the New Holland implements on display are the DiscCutter™ F320P/F360P front-mounted mower for hay and forage work; the MegaCutter™ triple disc mower, capable of cutting up to 15 acres per hour; the RVH180 heavy-duty rotavator; and the PHV5H fully mounted reversible plough with hydraulic variable working width and hydraulic stone protection.

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