Kenya to open US $28m fertilizer manufacturing plant

Kenya’s first fertiliser manufacturing plant is set for opening in Nakuru by end of the year, in what is expected to boost farmers’ yields in 2021. The US $28m NPK Compound Granulation plant will supply 100,000 tonnes of the farm input serving up to two million growers in the country every year.

The plant, constructed by Fertiplant East Africa Ltd will employ the latest in steam granulation technology, with operations anchored on soil testing

“The plant is set for commissioning in December and will be ready to produce tailor-made NPK fertilisers for the 2021 long rain season,” said Fertiplant consultant Eustace Muriuki, who is also Mea Fertilisers managing director. The facility will produce fertilisers for various soil types and crop-specific requirements informed by results from soil tests conducted.

This comes in the wake of increased acidity in soils that have significantly reduced fertility, hence cut yields for farmers.

Boost yields

Agriculture CS Peter Munya said it is time farmers embraced science and technology to boost yields. “We have to start encouraging soil testing, the production and application of fertilisers that have been informed by the test results,” said Mr Munya when he visited the plant. Studies show under good management, farms have a production capacity of up to 40 bags per acre of maize, a potential that many Kenyan farmers are currently undershooting by far.

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