Frequency solutions for Chemical headaches

The effectivity of insect control with frequencies can be seen on the graph below
The orange broken line is the starting date of treatment of Potato moth (green)

Nature has provided us with natural frequencies to reduce our need for chemicals and poisons.

Agri frequencies use a wide range of frequencies to: be used as environmentally friendly pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides, to be applied, species and area specific, without harm to the environment or any other species.

Each organism has its own unique frequency that can be copied with the right equipment, should its own frequency be applied out of phase, it is deadly to that organism.

These out of phase frequencies can be applied anywhere in the world using quantum entanglement technology. Quantum physics state that, objects that are entangled can be moved any distance apart and what is applied to one, will happen to the others.

With the right quantum transmitters, specific frequencies can be applied to specific areas anywhere in the world.

How to send these frequencies?

Agri Frequencies specializes in capturing these unique frequencies and can return it to the targeted species in specific areas without harming the environment or other species.

This clean technology is also effective for other small animals like jackal, rodents, monkeys, birds etc.

Agri Frequencies (Pty) Ltd, a company in South Africa, specialises in using these natural frequencies to alleviate an unlimited variety of pests and plagues all over the world at minimal cost.

Although the transmitted frequencies are invisible the frequencies can be monitored and tested with a visible test to prove it is working on the target area.

How does it work?

Agri Frequencies (Pty) Ltd. has developed sensitive equipment to capture any organism’s frequency from just a photograph. These frequencies are then copied with a quantum scanner into a medium of crystal powder where the frequency can be stored indefinitely.

A remedy is then prepared from this frequency loaded crystal powder and used in a quantum transmitter, to apply to any designated area. The area is also taken from a photograph of the area, and the remedy is then quantum linked to the designated area.

Frequencies are ideal for long term preventative use and has no harmful side effects.

Frequencies can also be used as remedy to numerous other problems like algae control, rodent and other small animal control, bird control etc.

In-Phase frequencies make organisms grow better, so crops and animals can be stimulated to grow better, with better quality, higher sugar levels and better shelf life for fruit and vegetables.

Plants can even be protected against drought and frost.

The quality of water can be improved so that plants use 30% less water.

It cleans pipes, geysers and kettles.

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