Renders’ New Broiler Shed

The brothers Jack and Mark Renders in The Netherlands produce 185,000 regular broilers in five houses. They chose DACS ventilation and controls for their new house, commissioned in September 2018.

Easier to operate

“The new system is much easier to operate so we always have a dry and well-ventilated house – no matter the season.
The constant breeze of preheated air over the chicks from day one is a major advantage of the DACS ventilation system compared to our houses with negative pressure ventilation systems.In addition, we actually save 70% on the heating costs” Mark says.

A constant flow of air
“We know all too well that increased CO2 levels reduce the animal’s growth potential.
Because CO2 is heavier than oxygen, it usually accumulates at floor level.
But with the DACS system, thanks to the Corona inlet fans, the constant flow of air in the bird zone lifts the CO2 off the floor and out of the house via the roof mounted exhausts. This contributes to a much better air quality in our new house and we can see that the birds pay back on this,” Jack explains.

Improved technical performance
“We clearly improved the technical performance in our new house. The slaughter quality is better and where the other houses have 1% rejection, in the new house it is 0.3 to 0.5%. The growth is slightly better and the feed conversion a few points lower in the new house. This does not seem like much, but everything adds up and we earn more money from the new house,” says Mark.

Stronger birds
“On a previous flock our farm was infected with IB. In the new DACS house the chicks simply recovered faster and did better than in the other houses and that can only be related to the stronger birds which the much better climate in our DACS house brings about,” Jack adds

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