Farmers Review Africa and FurtherAfrica join forces to promote Agriculture intelligence

Farmers Review Africa and FurtherAfrica have just completed an agreement to collaborate on the creation and distribution of news content and insights about Africa’s agriculture developments and innovation.

South African based Farmers Review Africa focuses on providing first hand news, reviews and analysis on market developments, innovation, personalities and advancements in African Agriculture with deep and compelling stories.

The partnership will see FurtherAfrica distribute selected content from Farmers Review Africa in its platforms, including specials feature on research, sustainability and health focus.

Fabio Scala from FurtherAfrica said “Agriculture is the cornerstone of Africa’s development and we are very excited with the prospect enhancing our offer through this partnership. Farming is the backbone and the basis of sustainable African economies and Farmers Review Africa is an excellent source of knowledge and data.”

Nita Karume from Farmers Review Africa said “We always aim to leverage on the power of the media to create the most enabling environment for farmers, thus driving emergence of a agricultural ecosystem while exposing African stories to the world and promoting ideas made in Africa, one at a time. FurtherAfrica is aligned with this philosophy and we are very happy to partner with the platform.

Farmers Review Africa is part of Arobia Creative family of content platforms and innovative solutions. Arobia is a leading communication consultancy company in Kenya.

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Farmers Review Africa
Farmers Review Africa