Farmers: Be The Best, Be Proud!

Too many farmers in too many countries, mostly in Africa, are looking to others for help. The reason is that they are… poor, unhappy, miserable, unfortunate, and don’t see any bright future.

Farmers, wherever they are; are proud, hard-working people.

I know it because I grew up as a farmer and today I’m meeting 100’s of farmers in different countries.

Farmers do not want charity, they do not want someone to feel pity for them, or think that they are… poor, unhappy, miserable, unfortunate, and hapless. No, not at all!

Leaders, Decision makers, Managers – listen to this –

What farmers want, and what you (and your country) need are clients coming to you, saying; “We want to buy our fruits only from you because your fruits taste the best, and the quality is superb!

That will make you successful, and your farmers will be proud of you and themselves!

We, at Biofeed, are used to hearing it about our breaking through technological solutions.

Now we are working to make this your present reality.

We know that the day you will hear that wonderful sound of clients saying to you; “We want to buy from you…” will be the day of The Change.

It will be the day of re-birth of the agriculture industry in your country, and the day of ‘worrying for keeping-up to the high standards‘ you will already have, instead of ‘worrying for poverty‘.

I know that this is possible – I ‘have been there, I did it.

If you believe in yourself and believe in us, at Biofeed, then I know you will make it.


High-Value = Happy Clients

The day you will hear those wonderful words “We want to buy from you …” that day you will know that you have finally changed the course of the future for your people.

You will know that, by bringing high-value to your clients, wherever they are, you practically brought high-value to your country and your people/farmers.

You will note that the clients had not asked you about the price, because you gave them such high-value that they are ready to pay the price you asked.

However remember that, if the first thing your clients ask you is “what is your price?“, it means that you have still a way to go forward.

Our vision is to turn the poorest farmers into very proud farmers.

Our goal is to bring them better income, better health, and a better future.


How do we do it?

By supporting farmers to grow high-value, high-quality produce.

It sounds simple, because it is… and very realistic, proven not complex in implementation.

Such produce would be sold later to premium markets for a premium price.

This will not happen overnight, but it will happen within 2 to 5 years if we start it now – today!!

 High-Quality Leads to High-Value –

To bring that reality Biofeed has developed the Green Valley initiative.

If you read my emails you must have already noticed that I frequently repeat the following words or phrases of –

* Value

* Creating Value

* High-Value

* Bringing Value

* High-End Markets

* Premium Markets

 You may have also noticed the following words repeating –

* Export

* Export Quality

* High-Quality

* Knowhow

* High-tech

 Now, why is that?

Because the less developed markets, mainly Africa and parts of Asia, do need to catch up with the rest of the world with the Value and the Quality they can offer.

The question is, therefore; how they can do that?

Some countries have tried to use their natural resources to bring foreign currency for local development.

Well, that did work to make rich a small group of people in the country, while most of the population is left behind not seeing any of the upside of the natural resources exported.


Because to develop natural resources there is no need for the local people, not local knowhow, and often not even the local labor.

Other companies and countries can do it better, and so they exploit the hosting country, and for sure most of the income is going out.

The local income from Export of natural resources is used for low-price low-quality food import, and the amount is never sufficient.

However, when it comes to agriculture it is a different story.

You want to grow crops and feed your people?

You need the land, you need the local people, the sun and the water and transportation, and regulations, etc…. and the ability to reach Export Markets!

That means that taking any part in agriculture activity is contributing immediately to the country’s GDP.

And this resource will never end. It will just grow!

Of course, you can grow for local consumption and sell the yield to your neighbor or the next village.

That will bring you a little income and will contribute almost nothing to the country’s GDP.

BUT, if you grow for export markets…that is a different story, with different results and outcome.

First, you will need to own much better technology, better knowhow, better farm-to-market connections, better regulation, better logistics, etc.

BUT, once you master that, and once you manage to get to export markets…Wow… your days of poverty are over!

Then you can expect to be like other exporting countries, such as Japan, Germany, USA, China, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.

It’s Not Easy Creating Value (but the alternative is terrible) –

People are not whiling to give you ‘money for nothing‘, and it is not for you to get ‘money for nothing‘.

– Do you want foreign currency?

– Do you want a developed economy?

– Do you want to set your high values?

– You want your people, your farmer and your nation to be proud?

– Do you want long-lasting and sustainable food market development?

– Do you want to be someone that everybody is trying to copy and imitate?

Write it down now and follow that path to go from poverty to wealth –

Grow High-Quality Produce => Create Value => Export to Premium Markets => Get More Money!!!

It is as simple as it sounds: bring value to your clients, and your clients will give you money.

Bring a lot of value to your clients, and your clients will give you a lot of money.

Money is an unlimited resource when you know how to supply unlimited value.

This is the valuable lesson Biofeed Green Valley brings to Africa and wherever we go.

We aim to the top because we want our clients to adapt their set of mind to ours and we want them to do well, to be the best version of themselves.

So wherever you are, whatever you do, follow this message if you want to do better and be proud –

Be the Best! Create Value! Bring Happiness! Be Proud.

 For a greener world

Free of sprays

Full of joy

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