Crop care with implements from APV

Weed regulation is a decisive factor for success in agriculture. Mechanical options are becoming increasingly important. APV offers with the Tined Weeder Pro (VS), the Tined Weeder (AS) and the Rotary Hoe (RH) a suitable implement for every farm.

Tined Weeder Pro VS – Innovative and flexible

Effective weed regulation should take place in combination with the harrow at the weed’s thread stage. As this is where the harrow is most effective. This time is often difficult to hit as it can also cause damage to the crop. Especially if they have not been built a cotyledon yet .

With the Tined Weeder Pro, crops can be harrowed in sensitive stages as well as in the multileaf stage, where the plants are already more robust. Blind harrowing before the crop emerges is particularly effective. The infinitely variable adjustment of the tine pressure, up to the reduction to the tine’s own weight, extends the processing time enormously. The tines can also be lifted completely.

The innovative tine-spring-system allows the harrow tines to be highly adaptable. The tine pressure remains constant at different tine levels. This enables the harrowing of ridge crops while the ridge retains its shape. In addition, the tines are mounted wide and pivoted, which prevents the tines from swerving sideways. This guarantees full area cultivation. The Tined Weeder Pro is equipped with 8 mm tines and has a tine spacing of 35 mm. It can be used in almost all crops for mechanical weed regulation.


For even better ground adaption, the Tined Weeder Pro can also be equipped with feeler wheels at the rear. An optional carbide coating ensures a longer service life of the tines. Each Tined Weeder Pro can be individually equipped with a Pneumatic Seeder (PS) from APV. This offers an optimal possibility for seeding nurse crops. With the manual tine excavation single tines can be lifted individually to protect sensitive crops.

Your advantages in short form:

  • Each tine has its own spring package
  • harrowing of ridge crops is possible
  • Tines can be infinitely pre-tensioned and lifted
  • Each tine works in its own track
  • Protection of the crops by overhead and protected spring packages
  • Hydraulic tine adjustment is standard equipment
  • Single tines can be lifted

More information as well as photos and product details of APV´s product range can be found on the APV website!

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