Complete family of poultry scales

BAT1 manual poultry scale

Monitoring the flock and following recommended weights at particular ages are a basis in growing and maintaining a top performing flock as well as reaching profitable target weight with broilers. A birds’ performance increases over the years, but on the other hand, they demand more precise treatment. The more input and more precise data you have, the better decisions you can make, the better results you have.

BAT poultry scales family from Veit Electronics includes all tools that are essential for poultry weighing. Both manual and automatic poultry scales together with a cloud based application for data processing bring premium features and quality to more than 70 countries all over the world.

Manual weighing is a tricky activity in the poultry business. When it is executed incorrectly, with inappropriate tools, it can be an inaccurate, time and money consuming, useless activity leading to distorted data and making bad decisions. While, on the other hand, using appropriate tools will give you the most accurate and detailed weighing ever. Veit kept this in mind when their BAT1 manual poultry scale was developed. A large graphic display, high memory capacity and a long battery life are just a few features that make work easier.

Automatic weighing is a helpful, smart solution on how to acquire important data on a daily basis. Veit’s BAT2 automatic scale is a tireless helper, capable of continuous weighing together with reducing the human factor to a minimum. The power of daily overviews is further improved with a suitable way of transferring statistics from the scale to you. When the daily gain is not as it should be you receive this information quickly. When you are warned in advance, you can act and avoid possible serious consequences.

BAT Cloud is the safest and most convenient place for your weighing data, serving as an optional on-line service where you can view, store and compare statistics from all of your scales. The weighing results are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. E-mail:

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Farmers Review Africa