How cloud-based Croptracker, Inc. boosts farmers record keeping

Croptracker, Inc. is a cloud-based record-keeping and operations management software service which provides advanced solutions to clients in the fruit & vegetable industry, enhancing food safety traceability while decreasing overall operational costs. Our mission is to make crop production safer, more efficient, and more profitable for growers.

Croptracker is unique among agricultural software platforms, as it is built on a foundation of collaboration with Canadian growers. Over 12 years and countless software advancements later, Croptracker continues to be shaped by grower input as it expands around the world. As a result, our software reflects and combats today’s most pertinent challenges facing growers.

What Does It Do
Today growers, associations, and co-operations of all produce commodities and sizes use Croptracker’s desktop and mobile apps to:

  • Digitize records
  • Enhance traceability and food safety
  • Execute and monitor harvests
  • Schedule and track their chemical usage and inventory
  • Conduct pest management
  • Cut time and operational costs associated with labour supervision and auditing
  • Keep workers safe by calculating and alerting growers of re-entry intervals
  • Assess field and team productivity
  • Make more informed operational decisions

Benefits to Associations & Growers
Currently, Croptracker is proud to work with the Apple Growers of New Brunswick, Berry Growers of Ontario, Ontario Apple Growers Association, and the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers. Collaborating with association members, it constantly augments the software to fit the dynamic needs of its diverse membership body and help meet each association’s goals.

Croptracker’s benefits to its members are numerous. In the day-to-day, the software frees growers from the burdens of paperwork, manual calculations and scheduling, and record-keeping; allowing them to spend more time in the fields or orchards and less time in their offices. From a long-term perspective, Croptracker’s suite of over 50 reports create a “bird’s eye view” of the operation that enhances growers’ decision-making ability, allows them to identify trends and trend deviances, and lets them respond to issues before they become costly problems.

Finally, Croptracker not only contributes to safe food production but also helps individual growers fulfill retailers’ increasingly demanding traceability requirements. This allows them access to new and lucrative market opportunities.

The first reason that Wilmont Orchard uses the Croptracker program is because it’s adaptable to every horticultural crop in Canada. The second reason is because Croptracker has dozens of mobile management tools to help us manage everything from crop protection records,payroll, product traceability, food safety right from the field or orchard.– Charles Stevens, Wilmont Orchards, Ontario

Using Croptracker over the last two years we have seen substantial buy in from our 40 farms, and from our SQF auditor.
Technical support has been excellent, the learning curve short, and resulting information very useful.– Bill Cusack, Scotian Gold Co-operative Ltd, Nova Scotia

Croptracker is a very intuitive program that provides growers with food safety traceability and so much more. I encourage all berry growers to take advantage of the opportunity to work with this software. [It is a] product that understands the needs of growers.– Kevin Schooley, The Berry Growers of Ontario, Ontario

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