Capwell launches premium AMAIZE flour with recipe platform to drive food diversity and sophistication

Capwell Industries, manufacture of Soko maize flour and many of Kenya’s leading staple food brands, has today launched a new top-of-the-market maize flour, AMAIZE, with a campaign to promote the use of the whiter, softer, premium flour in a far wider range of recipes.

The launch comes as research shows that two-thirds of Kenyans eat the same meals continuously. According to research company Geopoll, the main reason for this is that consumers are often too pressed for time to conceive and prepare more elaborate and diverse dishes.

“Yet the attraction of food comes from the pleasure it gives in the eating, and from the nutritional and health gains it delivers,” said Rajan Shah, the CEO of Capwell Industries. “Thus, our aim with this product launch is to increase the pleasure, and improve nutrition as well, in a Kenyan market that is becoming more sophisticated, and which we believe is ready to be adventurous in its use of higher quality ingredients across a wider array of meals.”

Because AMAIZE premium maize flour is whiter and softer than other maize flours, it cooks more rapidly, delivering exceptionally white ugali in 10 minutes, compared to 12 to 14 minutes’ cooking time with other flours.

“This ease of use and the quality of the ugali has, therefore, created a perfect foundation for more sophisticated meals, which we are now seeking to promote with information as well, on the basis that AMAIZE is an opportunity for consumers to treat themselves, and treat their families, to a new level of eating experience,” said Rajan.

This initiative comes against the backdrop of studies over many decades that have found constantly eating the same meals decreases the pleasure in eating, and reduces both appetite, and weight.

In fact, data shows consumers never weary of their staple foods, which they can eat every day without losing interest. But when served as part of the same meal, in the same format, with the same accompaniment, other elements of the meal become steadily less appetizing.

“Ugali remains the king of the staples in Kenya, and with AMAIZE we are elevating it to a new level of whiteness and softness, cooked at greater speed. But we are also keen to assist in bringing total meal sophistication to Kenyan families, with new recipes and techniques too,” said Chetan Shah, Marketing Director for Capwell Industries.

Thus, AMAIZE is being launched with recipes on every packet, starting with the novelty of maize-flour cup-cakes, and supported by a new recipe platform on www [URL] offering more than 25 innovative recipes.

“In working with our chefs, we have developed completely novel and delicious recipes using AMAIZE to deliver a tremendous range of nutrients, as well as more exciting meals,” said Chetan.

The result is recipes for foods as exotic as Blueberry maize meal Muffins, Zucchini Brown-Butter, and White Bean Fritters with Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

“Across all, we have gone for sophistication and rich, healthy diet diversity,” said Chetan.

Such diversity is set to assist children that are currently pushing away plates with food uneaten, or suffering from low weight gain, as well as the sick and the elderly, by enticing them with a more diverse and interesting diet and delivering a healthier range of micronutrients.

A diverse diet is also key to brain development and general well-being, as well as to reducing overloads of imbalances and toxins borne of an over-dependence on a narrow food range.

The new recipe platform additionally opens a door for the rising number of consumers seeking to avoid gluten in their diet, in that AMAIZE is gluten-free, but can be used for baking and across all of the new recipes.

“Our aim in launching a maize flour that is 20 per cent whiter and finer than mainstream flours is, in short, to open the door to an enormous new range of recipes with a refined cooking ingredient,” said Rajan.

“For the Kenyan middle classes now moving towards home entertaining, and for families keen to maintain home cooking as fast foods begin to replace shared family time over meals, AMAIZE is looking to drive a whole new array of home cooking and excitement,” he said.

Capwell Industries

Capwell Industries, which began operations in 1999, manufactures high quality flour, rice, pulses and porridges, using the best processes and technologies available to deliver many of Kenya’s leading staple food brands.
As well as producing the Soko Maize flour & Soko Uji porridges from Millet, it extends its basket further to the Pearl & CIL rice & pulses range and the Ranee Spaghetti brand. It plans to serve the market with assorted wheat flour products this year.
As well as producing the Soko Maize flour & Soko Uji, porridge from Millet, it extends its basket further to the Pearl & CIL rice and pulses range and the Ranee Spaghetti brand. It plans to serve the market with assorted wheat flour products this year.
The manufacturer recently secured Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) food management certification, which is a highly regarded international standard to ensure food safety.
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