CALLISTO Technology for optimal food production and yield

CALLISTO® entered the herbicide market in 2001 as the industry’s first solo mesotrione product. Today, nearly 20 years later, it is still among the top-ranking choices of growers worldwide for weed control in maize.

In 1977, a Syngenta scientist noticed the absence of plants beneath the bottlebrush tree in his backyard. He investigated and found that the plant, Callistemon citrinus, secreted a natural compound with herbicidal activity.

This knowledge and years of research resulted in the development of mesotrione, a synthetic version of the natural compound. Mesotrione belongs to the triketone chemical group and is the active ingredient in Syngenta’s CALLISTO® herbicide.

CALLISTO® was quickly adopted by growers around the world for its effectiveness against broadleaf weeds. Courtesy of its natural origins, the product poses no threat to people, other organisms or the environment if it is used correctly.

First and still the best

That early success continues today. Furthermore, because of the synergistic effect of mesotrione with other active ingredients, Syngenta was able to formulate a range of one-can solutions known as the Proven CALLISTO® Technology family of products.

Why CALLISTO® is the smart farming choice

CALLISTO® is a systemic herbicide that moves both up – and downwards in plants. It is taken up through the leaves, stems, seeds and roots, and is fully distributed throughout the plant within only 24 hours. It is rain fast within an hour of application on broadleaf weeds and within three hours on grasses.

Plants and weather conditions are unpredictable, hence its adaptability is one of the greatest advantages of CALLISTO®. The product can be applied before and/or directly after the crop and weeds have emerged, and control a wide spectrum of weeds. Application volumes are furthermore determined by the weed spectrum, and not the percentage of clay in the soil.

CALLISTO® requires as little as 3,2mm of rain to be activated and can be successfully included in crop rotation programmes. The only condition is that the necessary waiting periods must be observed before specific crops are planted after a CALLISTO® application. For potatoes, for example, the waiting period is 6 months and for wheat and barley it is one month. Always consult the product label to ensure adherence to the correct waiting periods.

Formulation design makes all the difference

In addition to mesotrione’s inherent effectiveness, it is Syngenta’s formulation design that holds the key to CALLISTO®’s exceptional efficacy. Our formulation expertise enables us to realise mesotrione’s full potential, resulting in optimal outcomes for growers.

Syngenta’s formulation key unlocks four important benefits that improve effectiveness, increase crop and environmental safety, and ensure value for money.

  1. Small and uniform particle size prevents the clogging of nozzles, ensures even distribution of the active ingredient in the field and increases biological activity, which accelerates the breaking down of the active ingredient in the environment. The latter decreases the risk of carry-over from one season to the next.
  2. Stabilising agents prevent the active ingredient particles from settling and resulting in irreversible sedimentation in commercial packs. This makes the handling of commercial packs more convenient and ensures optimal shelf life. The agents also inhibit the clustering of active ingredient particles that can block sprayer nozzles, and promote consistent weed control by delivering the right amount of active ingredient in the spray tank.
  3. The CALLISTO® formulation controls foaming during tank filling and application operations. This prevents inaccurate spray volume measurements, costly delays and active ingredient losses, as well as environmental contamination that can occur when foam spills from the tank.
  4. The built-in antifreeze agent prevents irreversible frost damage during transport and storage, and ensures that the product remains stable regardless of weather conditions.

The combination of mesotrione’s natural benefits and Syngenta’s excellent formulation design, ensures that CALLISTO® and products that contain Proven CALLISTO® Technology are always the smart choice. Growers can count on CALLISTO® to take out the toughest and most problematic broadleaf weeds, even those that are difficult to control with triazines.

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