Brazil boasts about 300 species of stingless bees

According to Agricultural secretary of São Paulo, Marcello Páez, Brazil has about 300 species of stingless bees and the number worldwide is almost 20,000.

“Bees have numerous benefits besides producing honey. They play a major role in pollination, the wasp can act as fungicides, and it has been scientifically proven to heal eyes and sore throat”, said Marcello during an interview with Farmers Review Africa at the Agrishow in Brazil yesterday.

A total of 5 million honey beehives are managed by beekeepers in Brazil. Around 3,000 different bee species are found in Brazil – making it a research paradise for bee experts. Much research shows impressive evidence of how pollinators, such as bees, can make an important contribution to food security.

“However, the market is still small as the project is still in its infancy and we are trying to improve the family of bees”, noted Marcello.

Some of the bee species Marcello named include the Mandacaia, which produces 2-5 litres honey per year, as well as Jatai, that is small in size and produces 1-2 litres per year. The price in USD high about over 55 USD and about Brl 200 Brazilian real

Bees can help many agricultural crops to bear more and better-quality fruit, for example in melon plants and cashew trees. However, research is still needed to understand which pollinators are important for which crops.


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Farmers Review Africa
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