BKT Stories: choosing the right equipment to work 350,000 sq.m. of agricultural land

A great (BKT) story about the Antonissen family, who for three generations has been growing potatoes in Steenbergen, an agricultural area in the South Netherlands, on the border with Belgium. Now the founder’s young grandson works alongside his father, who in a few years’ time will hand over the reins to the family business.

Antonissen Pootaardappelhandel VOF works 35 hectares to grow potatoes with the support of five tractors of varying sizes, a self-propelled sprayer and numerous other items of equipment used with the machinery in the field, depending on the various cycles of working the land, sowing and harvesting.

The extent of the surface area to be worked explains the fleet of vehicles and equipment, which were chosen on the basis of their performance, features and the possibility of sustainable management.

As for tires, Antonissen has chosen to fit out some of the vehicles in its fleet with BKT products – in particular AGRIMAX FORTIS to fit out one of the tractors with the 600/70 R 30 size tire on the front axle and 650/85 R 38 on the rear, and RIDEMAX FL 693 M, in the 650/55 R 26.5 size, to equip the trailer.

“Among the most important features which I expect from a tire – says Antonissen junior – there is driving comfort with good traction both in the field and on the road; of course it must also be able to work while bearing the weight of the machinery without damaging the soil. Both the BKT tires guarantee exceptional traction together with outstanding handling and excellent comfort for a perfect driving experience.”

The models chosen by Antonissen, AGRIMAX FORTIS for the tractor and RIDEMAX FL 693 M for the trailer, are part of the Flotation range, the BKT line whose tires feature excellent flotation capacity and thus have a reduced impact on the ground. Thanks to the robust structure, these tires guarantee excellent traction and perfect grip, also on bends or during maneuvers. The particular design of the tread guarantees good grip on every type of terrain and gives the tire excellent self-cleaning capability.

AGRIMAX FORTIS is ideal for all the activities regarding soil preparation, planting and treatment. Designed for powerful 4WD tractors, it has excellent traction, including on difficult terrain, excellent flotation capability, and thus reduced soil compaction, and low rolling resistance, which means fuel saving as well as reduced environmental emissions.

RIDEMAX FL 693 M is instead designed for use on agricultural trailers, tankers and spreaders. Thanks to the unique design of the tread, it is the ideal solution for daily movements on the road and for combined use; the width of the tireprint enables perfect distribution of the weight on the terrain, thus limiting soil compaction and enabling greater load capacity. Finally, its radial All Steel structure, with highly resistant steel belts, gives it maximum rigidity and stability.

“We chose BKT because the tires are high, wide and come in perfect sizes – Antonissen goes on. The low-pressure technology, the IF technology, makes it possible to create a wide support base, without compromising on traction. In addition, BKT has significant experience in matching a vehicle’s front and rear tires and I think it is essential that the tire can adapt to the vehicle’s size. Today tires must be high, to be able to act more on the pressure and so handle the weight of the tractor.”

Those were the needs of the Antonissen family, which BKT managed to satisfy thanks to its commitment to product research and development and by listening to its customers.

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The BKT video of the story of the Antonissen family:

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