BKT breaks records at Agritechnica 2019

At Hannover, the Indian multinational group celebrates 500 thousand footballs distributed for free to visitors at the trade shows in which it takes part.

Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery. BKT’s approach goes beyond the launch of innovative tire novelties offering a series of enthusing activities.

First of all the football record. The distribution of thousands of footballs given away as freebies has been a tradition not to be missed ever since. During this Agritechnica edition it will hit the 500,000-piece mark. Not only is this record worth to be celebrated, it also is a symbol for BKT’s sportsmanship from any viewpoint: this includes the respect for the opponent, the passion for the challenge, a lively and fair competition as well as actually loving sports. Played sports. BKT has indeed widely demonstrated its bond with the world of sports by sponsoring several international sport events: this goes from football (LaLiga, Serie BKT and Coupe de la Ligue BKT) over cricket (KFC Big Bash League and Sankar Cement Tamil Nadu Twenty20 Premier League) to the thrilling stunts of Monster Jam.

Actually, for celebrating this important goal of 500,000 footballs, BKT has organized a series of engagement activities at its stand that will involve the audience present. Visitors will be able to play and win one of the 600 golden footballs particularly created for this purpose and offered as prizes by BKT.

BKT loves sport because it reflects its corporate philosophy: the excitement to achieve goals, the satisfaction to be awarded for sacrifice and efforts, the ability to break new records aiming at increasingly bigger dreams.

For this reason, another symbol for BKT are Iya Traoré’s spectacular football shows. The king of football freestyle is official guest at the company’s main events worldwide. At Agritechnica 2019, the champion will certainly amaze visitors with several sessions during the day. After the shows, the football distribution takes place.

Yet, BKT’s focus is obviously not limited to sport. The company is sensitive to many other topics such as sustainability, social development and of course future farming as well as training the young operators in the agricultural sector.

This is why the company has decided to sponsor Young Farmers Day, a program with several gatherings and meetings for young farmers and about their opportunities for the future. The event takes place on November 14 during Agritechnica and will conclude with the Young Farmers Party.

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