BKT and the test of resilience

Covid-19. As everybody now, BKT is not exempt from having to face this extraordinary emergency and its many ensuing complications, a situation which the Group has to face as a whole, on an international level.

BKT’s unquestionable priority is to keep its staff safe, whilst adhering zealously to the government’s guidelines of the various countries in which BKT is present, and minimising the risks. The first thoughts go to people, because the situation is uncertain and difficult, and the first important thing is to keep encouraging each other, stay united, and face what is happening, together.

Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe:This situation is trying for all of us, but resilience is one of the fundamental values of our company. This is why we look strongly towards the future, with a deep sense of responsibility”.

BKT collects its thoughts. The Group will not lose its capacity to react and it is currently re-organizing both their internal and external processes in the best way possible, so that business can resume as soon as possible. The supply chain team remains active, in constant contact with the suppliers of raw material, in order that the manufacturing can also resume, and not waste any time.

The headquarters, as well as the manufacturing facilities of BKT in India — where the government has declared a lockdown as a means to contain the virus and save the lives of the citizens — will remain closed until the end of the 14th of April 2020. The customer service and sales support are available in smart working, a modality which the Group activated before it became mandatory.

BKT Europe on the other hand — which includes logistics, technical assistance, marketing, customer service and sales support — have been available in smart working since the end of February and its usual activities remain unchanged. The headquarters located in Seregno, Northern Italy, are in contact with the European Original Equipment customers, managing each situation on a case per case basis, within the most punctual timeframes possible.

“We are experiencing a truly terrible time and we are hoping with all our hearts that it will pass very soon”, continues Lucia Salmaso. “We are making the most of this time and are collecting energy and ideas in order to be ready and more competitive when things get back to normal. This emergency situation has given us the opportunity to think about the future and be creative, with the clear understanding that, in these times, the absolute priority remains the safety of our staff and the implementation of measures to contain the risks.

Strength and resilience are among our most important values”, she concludes “and this is why, I believe that we – together with all those who work with us – will get through this.”

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