AVI Africa : Taking the lead in innovative poultry processing

From June 12th to 14th, the 2018 edition of AVI Africa will take place in Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa. At its booth 81-82, Marel Poultry will focus on a wide variety of innovative processing solutions in the areas of cut-up, grading and end-of-line.

For more than three decades, Marel Poultry has been supporting poultry processors in many African countries, from Tunisia and Sudan right down to South Africa. We continue taking the lead in the continent by providing exactly the appropriate solutions and services for the market.


At AVI Africa, Marel Poultry will highlight a number of innovative solutions, including the Stork ACM-NT modular cut-up system. Secured in the renowned ACM-NT turnable product carriers, the products pass wing, breast and leg processing modules, which can flexibly be added or bypassed. ACM-NT can produce a wide variety of anatomically cut products according to production wishes. Special features like combined rate limiting and floating point control bring even more added value.

Furthermore, the SmartLine Grader will be in the spotlight during AVI Africa. This flexible grader is available in a single lane, dual lane or twin lane configuration and can suit the needs and requirements of any African processor. The grader can be set with all options activated or it can be installed as a basic machine with only elementary functions. Typically, the Marel SmartLine Grader is used to grade fillets or wings in an end-of-line situation. In the African market, however, it can also grade whole frozen chickens.


MCheck Checkweigher

Marel Poultry will also focus on End-of-Line poultry processing equipment, including packaging, labeling and checkweighing systems. The MCheck2 Checkweigher can monitor and optimize the accuracy of processing equipment, and ensure compliance with weight legislation across a wide range of products. Ensuring maximum product safety and quality control, the MCheck2 can remove off weight and metal contaminated products from the product flow. Dedicated Innova Checkweighing software provides real-time monitoring of key performance indicators and collection of data for statistical analysis, enabling processors to track operational performance and optimize production line efficiency.

The Checkweighing module is part of Marel’s comprehensive Innova Food Processing Software platform, which can control, monitor and improve almost all operations in the entire processing plant.


Please visit our stand 82-82 at AVI Africa and find out how our innovative solutions can support you in finding exactly the right solutions for your local market needs.

You are invited to address our team, including Regional Sales Manager Sander de Bruijn, Account Manager South-Africa Johnny Ferrier, Regional General Manager Chris-Jan van der Walt and Customer Care Manager Andrew Baird. These experts will be delighted to enter into detail and provide you with personalized information and advice.

Bringing together all major players in the poultry industry, from large and small owners, producers and suppliers through to key decision makers from big corporations, AVI Africa 2018 showcases the latest in products, techniques and services aimed at enhancing business and maximizing the profits of the commercial poultry agricultural enterprises.

AVI Africa – Emperors Palace, 64 Jones Road, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Standnr 81-82

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