Alleviating Farming Challenges with Drone Data

Photo credit: Rushville Republican

Growers are met with a whole host of challenges when it comes to farming. From predicting soil saturation, crop yields, plant health, and fertilizer needs, farmers can find themselves in a guessing game when it comes to what will work and what won’t. But as technology advances and becomes more readily available, hundreds of growers across Illinois have turned to The Equity’s GoSmart agronomy technology to curb these challenges. 

The Equity, one of the largest independent agricultural cooperatives in Illinois, have long offered their customers a range of products, including grain services, feed & livestock, and hardware.  But over the past few years, The Equity has begun offering customers a range of agronomy services that utilize drones and DroneDeploy as their main agricultural tools, knowing the data processed through DroneDeploy’s platform would be fast, accurate, and reliable. This is especially important at GoSmart, because the goal is simple: Utilize farm data to make better decisions.

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  • Success rate of capturing accurate drone data
  • Complete control of images captured
  • Unquestionable results

Source: : Dronedeploy

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