AgriTech Expo Zambia 2021 postponed. Organizers announce new dates,5-7 April 2022

Ministry of Health (MoH) Zambia withdraws organizers permit to run the trade fair due to dramatically fluctuating COVID-19 cases in Zambia and neighboring regions.

AgriTech Expo Zambia organizers DLG Agriculture Limited along with the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) and the venue hosts Golden Valley Research Trust (GART) were informed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) Zambia on Friday 26 March 2021, that the permit to organize the trade fair has been withdrawn.

The official statement cited the dramatically fluctuating number of COVID-19 cases in Zambia and the surrounding region and that it was in the best interest of all participating stakeholders that the event was not organized at this time.

This has resulted in the organizers having to postpone the event scheduled to take place during the 15-17 April 2021 in Chisamba. The organizers have announced today that the trade fair will now take place from 07-09 April 2022.

Dr. Lars Huf Deputy Managing Director of DLG International GmbH and Project Lead of AgriTech Expo Zambia said: “This is very disappointing; however, this is a decision we have to accept and move forward. Our focus is now on AgriTech Expo Zambia 2022. We look forward to continuously developing and improving this excellent business platform for our exhibitors and our farming community both groups who are very eager to come back to the field and conduct their business activities.”

“Our team had developed a comprehensive hygiene, health and safety protocol based on international outdoor event standards ensuring that we deliver a safe platform for our stakeholders. However, as the situation with the Corona virus continues to remain unpredictable this decision from the MoH Zambia is something we have to abide with and we will take it in our stride and work diligently on AgriTech Expo Zambia 2022.

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