Rabbit farming is a developing viable business

What motivated me was the fact that at the time I could not find a job when i left Gauteng and I had to come up with a plan F, so unemployment was one factor as i kept reading and doing some research i then realised that some of the sicknesses we have are from the type of foods we eat, so this help me to now consider farming organic and not inject my flock not any animal i have to make maximum profits but ignore the fact of human life.

I was young I always wanted to own pigs. End 2016 to Rustenburg and began my life as a livestock farmer with 4 pig , added my stock and bought 4 rabbits and chickens because pig prices dropped bad during listeriosis period. At the time my had multiplied to 35 rabbits and had layer hens at 800 hens in total. Ever since I have been trading with chicken and Rabbits and just added goats.

Rabbit farming is a niche market waiting to be explored. I met a gentleman by the name of Tebogo Sekome and he had rabbits at the time. He came to check my poultry structures and gathering information and so on, he then told me about rabbits and I did some research my self and I got excited and bought  four , I got them young  because I was making room for myself to learn about them at a slower pace. So big ups to Mr Sekome

Honestly I create my own market and it was very simple, it only took me to have rabbits and make them available for people, many people didn’t know much but I had to do research and educate my clients. I used my social media platform especially Twitter to connect and I won. Today people now put orders and they are now specific with the type and colour and size of the rabbits they want. I’m currently selling rabbit for meat and also collecting it urine to make a pest control with hope that one day I shall get a company to assist me at process the raw urine id be supplying.

Truth be told, rabbit farming is the most cheapest farming to fall into, unlike pigs and chickens, rabbit pallets and vegetables are very cheap to have or purchase. I sell my domestic rabbits for pet use at R120 each fixed selling price , some selling new Zealand Giant rabbit at R50 per kg and seasoned R65 per kg. Rabbit meat is very healthy and contains 21% with protein and 10 of fat. We humans die or fall sick from what we eat and rabbit meat is the answer to live a healthy better life.

Would you encourage youth to venture into this market? Why?

Yes, why not, I mean rabbits are cute, who wouldn’t wanna work with them. OK seriously the business is cheap , equipment but we can manipulate anything that is man made,

Rabbit meat is the most healthiest meat and the human body needs it. The fur can be used for wool and waste for fertiliser and urine as a pesticide control chemical but it’s very rich so on advice anyone doing this must be very careful

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