Farmers Review Africa is a niche product, which means Advertisers benefit from its targeted approach. Its readers are the buyers of your products and services –the decision makers. The magazine has positioned itself in the Africa’s Agricultural Sector .As a valued, accurate and respected source of information what a better way to communicate your message than through a much sought –after publication that is respected in the industry. As an advertiser your message in Farmers Review Africa gives you the cachet and credibility of being in the most trusted and respected magazine in the Industry chain.

Survey Says…
33% pass their copy along to another reader; 48% spend up to 30 minutes reading each issue; Readers are very satisfied with the magazine and find it very credible; 41% purchased something they saw advertised and 52% reported visiting advertisers’ websites.

Advertisers are responsible for the appearance, quality and effectiveness of their advertising. Farmers Review Africa makes no guarantee concerning reader response to advertising.
Display advertising must be inserted in at least three monthly issues annually to earn a frequency discount. More than one ad per issue will qualify for frequency rates.

Advertising ordered at the frequency discount rate and not earned will be billed at the earned rate (short rate). Mixed sizes in the campaign are acceptable. No cash rebates will be made.


  • R25,500:    Double Page Advert : (This position is the most prominent, and is seen as the best way to promote your company through maximum space exposure )
  • R16,250 :   Full Page  Advert: (A key position which will ensure that your corporate message is seen and delivered in a way to optimise the importance of your company)
  • R12,150   :   Half Page Advert: (A great size advert that sits well in any corporate literature.)
  • R 7,250   : Adverts on consecutive pages: A great alternatives to a full page, this format involve running 3 x 1/3 page advertisements on consecutive pages*. It provides more brand re-enforcement than a single ad and allows you to be more creative with your artwork and key message.
  • R6,250: Third page Ad Full colour
  • R7,200  :   Quarter page Ad : full colour
  • Covers: R21,250
Get more details from the Media Kit.
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Farmers Review Africa
Farmers Review Africa