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Absolute Neem Oil is an eco-friendly natural insecticide and fungicide. Our unique patented extraction process which excludes the use of heat, chemicals or oil shearing ensures that all the actives are preserved at their greatest strength. It is used for the safe protection of crops from various pests. It easily biodegrades, leaves no residue and has no withholding period. Pests are driven to feed, mate, lay eggs because of their hormones called ecdysteroids. The major active ingredient in Absolute Neem Oil (azadarachtin) along with over 200 minor actives mimic the ecdysteroids of pests effectively confusing them. Once pests ingest Absolute Neem Oil through chewing or sucking on produce or leaves, they immediately stop feeding. The hormonal balance in the pests are also affected & as such they will not lay eggs or mate. As an added benefit, the metamorphosis process is interrupted & the pest cannot change into their next life form.

These modes of action amongst many others wipe out the complete cycle of the pests. The whole constitution and immunity of the pest is affected and therefore no pests can build up a resistance to Absolute Neem Oil. It is systemic and a translaminar.

The ecdysteroids in beneficial insects are different to those of pests. Honey bees & other beneficials including earthworms continue to thrive when Absolute Neem Oil is used on produce. There is NO withholding period on Absolute Neem Oil. You can spray & eat. Absolute Neem Oil is highly effective for the control of pests on field crops as well as ornamentals.

Benefits of using Absolute Neem Oil

Absolute Neem Oil is best suited in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program.

~  It enhances the effectiveness of other insecticides in an IPM.

~  The environmental load is reduced.

~  It is an Unadulterated Cold Pressed Oil that is totally Natural, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly.

~  As Absolute Neem Oil has over 200 natural active liminoids, developing resistance to it is impossible.

~  Plants absorb the actives and become stronger & more resistant to pests as it is systemic and a translaminar.

~  It is a broad spectrum product that works on numerous pests & fungi. Worldwide it has proved to be effective on over 600 pests.

~  As it is an oil, it can also be used as a fungicide.

~  Absolute Neem Oil does not destroy predators that are beneficial to the plant.

~  Absolute Neem Oil promotes inter pollination of plants as it is harmless to Honey Bees, Mammals, Fish, Birds & other vertebrates.

Absolute Neem Oil is beneficial for the soil and earthworm development.

~  Neem has been used extensively to revitalize & restore nutrients in the soil.

~  It is effective against nematodes & other harmful organisms that live in soil and can be used as a soil drench.

Modes of Action

There are too many modes of action to mention. However here are a few :-

​   ~  Anti-feedant.                                 ~  Ecdysterone (hormone) disrupter.

~  Growth inhibitor.                          ~  Oviposition deterant. (Egg laying)

~  Repellent.                                       ~  Systemic

~  Translaminar                                 ~  Translaminar

~  Egg sterility                                    ~  Inhibition of Chitin Biosynthesis.

~  Disruption of mating signals       ~  Antisporulant and Fungistatic.

~  Larvae cannot develop.               ~  Insect suffocation.

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