Hydro Thermal Weed Management Solution

Since 1997 Weedtechnics have been eliminating the hidden cost of chemical weed control … All with Saturated Steam and Boiling Water Technology.

The rapidly growing demand for ‘organic’ and GMO free produce with a shortage of supply has seen the economics of going ‘organic’ very appealing to a range of farming enterprises. The early adopters of biological and organic farming were possibly influenced by the  realisation that they were exposed to the hidden costs of chemical weed control. These include the spiralling herbicide costs of endeavouring to control a growing list of herbicide resistant weeds, the increasing health and safety requirements, certification and record keeping costs and the inherent risk associated with repeated employee exposure to known toxins. Practitioners of organic and biological farming put great value on their soil biology and adopt methods that encourage a proliferation of soil biology which returns dividends in plant yield and reduced pest and pathogen attack. They also stand to benefit from the financial gains of carbon sequestration trading. Herbicides with their high salt content, chelating and anti- bacterial qualities destroy soil biology and the associated health and carbon sequestration benefits.

Weedtechnics product range and systems have been recognized as an economically viable alternative to herbicide.  It has assisted farmers transitioning to organic production to overcome their biggest challenge …. Weeds,  and for organic producers to free up intensive labour resources tied up with hand weeding to higher level tasks and farm expansion.

Weedtechnics offers the most cost-effective hydro-thermal weed control machines available. We utilise our patented, Hydro Thermal Method i.e. saturated steam and boiling water to provide a broad range of applications. Our SW range of instantaneous boiler apparatus and applicator heads create superheated water at almost 120C water and deliver it onto weeds as saturated steam and boiling water exploding leaf cells on contact.

Jeremy Winer- Managing Director of Weedtechnics, with his 30 years of practical experience in implementing integrated holistic approach to weed management, has developed, patented, manufactured, and commercialised the Steamwand method and SW range.

Designed for Municipal and intensive horticultural markets there are 4 models in the SW Range with a variety of mounting options and applicator heads. The SW Range have been designed around delivering optimal volume of saturated steam and boiling water for weed control.

You can select from 4 models in the SW Range each with a variety of mounting options. There is a growing range of applicator heads from 50mm to 120cm in width.

SW 700 Most compact and manoeuvrable unit, pneumatic tires to easily get around on firm level ground and a simple connection to any garden tap or tank Direct drive AR pump requires some water pressure to prime.

Briggs Vanguard 6.5Hp engine

Beckett Burner 12V

5L/ minute water delivery

3.8L/hour Diesel

0,5L/ unleaded petrol

2- 60cm wide coverage

Nurseries, campuses, schools and for mobile contractors
SW800 Larger belt drive pump than SW700, can suck from water supply tank or be fed from a hose.

Surplus capacity of the SW800 burner coil allows for all day every day work.

Briggs Vanguard 6.5Hp engine

12V Beckett Burner

5L/ minute water delivery

3.8L/hour Diesel

0,5L/ unleaded petrol

2- 60cm wide coverage

Municipal weed killing areas such as schools, parks, streets and for smaller scale organic growers
SW 900 It has enough volume to run dual applicator heads.

Robust belt drive AR pump

14HP Briggs Vanguard Engine

12V Becket Burner

10L-15L/ minute water delivery

7.6-9L/hour Diesel

1L/ unleaded petrol

2-120 cm wide coverage

Designed for most horticultural applications such as vines, orchards and row crops.

Recomended system for contractors and land care

SW 3800 This our largest system with fast heating and high-volume delivery.

Belt Drive triplex plunger pump

Kubota diesel engine/genset

12V 25 Amp Wayne Burner

26-30L/minute water delivery

20-30L/hour diesel

60 -300cm coverage

Large horticulture operations, orchards, vegetable/herb production.

The Versitech range of hand held applicator heads include the VOH 5cm wide open head VCH 35cm wide or 60 cm wide covered heads and the steam spike set., Our expanding range of standard and customised heads for tractor and vehicle attachment include the new design Rowtech 55, (55 cm coverage) Orchard head 110cm coverage, Vegetech Bed head 11o cm coverage, expandable Vegetech inter row heads with 24-30cm coverage and the soon to be released Furrow Head for 30cm off treatment in furrows between strawberry crops.

The machines also have the added advantage of being able to provide non abrasive high temperature cleaning of farm and packing equipment. Its fast and hygienic without the dangers and mess you can experience with high pressure cleaners.

Weedtechnics have been ahead of the curve, along with our clients for many years. Our clients include biological and organic farmers, horticultural enterprises, cities, municipalities, water companies, schools, land care groups, accredited contractors, hospitals, and retirement villages.  With Head office in Australia, we have established  distribution partners and preferred service contractors across Australia, NZ and North America. Enquiries for purchasing equipment or sales and distribution opportunities can made through our Sydney Head Office.

As one of our customer David Lawson, University of Colorado Boulder puts it “being more expensive than herbicide does not make the process uneconomical, it just takes a change in the paradigm of thinking from lowest cost to best solution for long term”.

For More Information:

Get in touch with Jeremy

Website: www.weedtechnics.com

Email: jeremy@weedtechnics.com

Phone: + 61 2 9986 1505

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