GIS Cloud as the All-in-One Solution for Collecting, Analyzing and Sharing Data in Agriculture


GIS Cloud is one of the first cloud-based GIS solutions in the market, which offers a complete map-based solution for different workflows in a wide range of industries: from tree inventory to utility inspection, to remote sensing and precision agriculture.

In agriculture, mapping technology can be used for farm management, allowing a greater understanding of the spatial distribution of crops, interpreting environmental data, and also to do wide-scale projects that can increase visibility and awareness of local farming production, as well as variables affecting it, such as droughts, pests or land values.

GIS Cloud offers a real-time mapping solution for the entire workflow in farm management – from collecting data on crops to making reports and creating interactive maps for a wider community. It helps agriculture workers to improve their efficiency and decision-making by creating a perfect environment for collaboration on a map.

With GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection (MDC), you can do field inspections using mobile phones and tablets, with unique custom forms, which means you can have as many items as you want and you can structure the form according to your needs.

For instance, you can collect data about crops such as height, grain quality, potential pest infections, etc. or take photos and make audio recordings, directly linked to a point on a map. Forms can be updated at any time and synced on all devices. Data is sent on a map in real-time, instantly visualised and can be further analyzed or edited. This means that people in other locations can monitor and guide the data collection process as well as coordinate workers in the field.

If there is no network coverage in the field, data will be kept in a queue and sent to a map once the device is online again. MDC requires no additional training and you can deploy it within minutes. Also, it allows you to create reports on the go for an overview of work done in the field.

In Map Editor, you can view collected data and go even further. Maps can be created, edited, styled, overlaid with layers of other data (such as land values, risks for droughts etc.), and shared privately to users with different privileges. This is a perfect tool to collaborate with colleagues on a map, to analyze data, export it, and create reports.

You can also publish maps created in GIS Cloud and share it with the public via interactive and fully customizable Map Portal. This app allows you to add your branding, logo, custom interface, and a separate domain. Some of the options include the ability to search for various types of data (e.g. soil, crops, pests, etc.), visualise and switch layers on a map, filter results, and export data.

Some of the uses of GIS Cloud in farming are:

  • Collecting crop data in the field in-real time and coordinating workers in the field
  • Visualisation and analysis of collected data for various purposes such as crop monitoring, visualising distribution of pesticides, crop forecasting, evaluating the damage from environmental factors (droughts, floods, wildfires…)
  • Raising awareness of local farm production, land use, or potential dangers (floods and others) through public map portals
  • Crowdsourcing spatial data from farmers or community members, who can submit reports (manually approved by administrators) as anonymous users via branded mobile and web apps
  • Visualising and sharing remote sensing and precision agriculture data

As a platform, GIS Cloud offers opportunity for various integrations, with desktop-based GIS solutions, as well as with hardware, such as humidity sensors and other equipment that sends data in real-time. You can also build your own unique agriculture and farm management apps on top of GIS Cloud.

S Cloud supports raster and vector data formats, and it is built on the fastest map engine out there, which provides great performance in rendering even very large amounts of data, like drone imagery.

[Additional info]  Examples of Using GIS Cloud in Agriculture:

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