Effortless Grain and Seed Cleaning with Almaz”

Wheat crop yields projected for 2017/2018 are not as strong as 2016/2017 due to poor rainfall. The harvested product also might not be as good with all the seed not being of great biological quality. Thus the farmer will not achieve the best grade when selling his product.

Stressing the importance of post-harvest treatment is no secret. It is a mandatory element in the process of grain production and storage, especially for seed purposes. System of post-harvest handling is the most difficult and complex in technological operations.

Yields and profits can be increased in a multitude of methods, pre-cleaning seed is one method of insuring one is sowing the best biological quality seed and guaranteeing a better yield. Also post harvest cleaning can have its benefits to the bottom line as the farmer will not be challenged on the quality of the product he is selling.

Using a variety of grain-cleaning machines complicates and normally wastes time. While preparing seed grains, only full-value grains must be selected.

Air stream generated grain cleaning brings the production of grain into a new generation, with no use of screens in the cleaning process gives the farmer more time to focus on more important  agricultural issues and not on minor maintenance problems. By this there is also simple transitions between crop changes.

Cleaning grain and preparing high quality seed material is easy if you are using machine “Almaz”. It is the only grain-cleaning machine in the basis of which lies the principle of separating grain according to their specific weight and quality.

Separator “Almaz”provides for Wheat:

– Cleaning according to biological grain value (seed with high protein and high gluten content)

– Germinating ability up to 99.86% (Raw material at 75.09%)

– Increase in productivity up to 24.91%

– Removes foreign materials in seed grains

– Quality cleaning and sorting any kinds of seed

– Simplicity in use

– Absence of screens

– Does not damage wheat

– Separates any fungus: vomitoxin, aflatoxin, fusarium etc

– drying seeds up to 2% per pass

– Separating a mixture of wheat and barley up to 60% in just one pass

– Capacities from 2t/hr up to 100t/hr

Our equipment for grain processing gives an opportunity to improve the profitability of your agricultural business!

Give us a call: 0782984114.

Author  – Allen Mackay, Sales Director

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