I-CAT develops innovative surfactant for agricultural industry


Boosting nutrient and fertiliser uptake through roots and foliage is a key focus area of the agricultural industry in order to increase productivity. Therefore I-CAT Agri-Forestry Solutions has developed EXLGro, a surfactant that provides better coverage and penetration of spray solutions.

The surfactant is compatible with most formulations, and works particularly well when dosed through spray systems and sprinkler pivots, I-CAT Marketing Director Lourens Jansen van Rensburg explains.

EXLGro functions by manipulating the surface tension of the water in order to reduce its chemical hardness. This is achieved by improving the water’s fluid properties and qualities, in addition to boosting the wettability, emulsification, and deagglomeration. The surfactant does not cause foaming in the spray tank, Jansen van Rensburg adds.

Other innovative surfactants developed by I-CAT Agri-Forestry Solutions include iFire and iMist. The former is an ideal water-treatment agent to improve the wetting capability of water which, in turn, enhances its firefighting capability. It also results in a dramatic reduction in the quantity of water used, thereby contributing to the conservation of this scarce resource.

iMist results in water being adsorbed faster by substrates. This significantly improves the dust-suppression capabilities of water, as well as reducing the quantity of water needed for effective dust suppression. It can be used as an additive in dust mist systems, dust cannons and sprayers, and also for road-dust suppression.

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