Advantages of roasted grains

Don’t waste it, Roast It

Have you ever heard of roasting your grains? It has been around for years, but still many people have never heard of roasting, or better yet, have ever tried roasting.

The advantages for you are so powerful, that you need to start now and roast your barley, corn, soybeans, wheat and other grains.

Do you like to save money?

Roasting your own grain will put money back into your own pocket. Greater profits! Meeting high energy needs in dairy and cattle feeds is important.

This will support better breeding, improve butter fat and protein, and maintain body weight during peak production.

Research on roasted corn for beef cattle was conducted and the results were dramatic, but consistent.

Beef cattle gain 8.2% faster on roasted corn compared to raw corn and require 9.7% less feed per kilogram of grain. You will have a better quality of feed by roasting it.

Roasted barley—Your roasted barley will grind easier because roasting ruptures the kernel. One commercial miller stated that grinding roasted barley is 25% faster than raw barley. This saves time and grinding costs.

Roasting increases digestibility by breaking down the cell structure within the grain so it will be readily available to the animal.

Dairy and swine feeders comment that they are unable to find barley floating in the lagoon when roasted barely is fed. It is more palatable and the animals will be drawn by the sweet fragrance of roasted barley.

Roasted corn—The advantages are great! You will have higher digestibility because roasting corn increases the speed of starch availability. The starch becomes more soluble and you will have a higher energy value.

Roasting the corn will increase the energy nearly 13%. Roasting corn through an open flame gives a purer feed because it dries away moisture and burns off the mold spores.

Because of the purging effect, the dairy and cattle feeder can experience lower vet bills, better breeding, less abortions, and less physical stress on the animal for more production of milk and meat.

During hot, humid weather, feed mills can experience more than double the shelf-life in roasted flaked corn over raw or other forms of processing. Roasted soybeans—The soybean becomes more digestible and you receive more for your money. Swine-fed roasted beans gain 9% faster on 9% less feed.

You will have more “by-pass” protein which is a benefit to you because the “by-pass”effect of protein can rise to an optimum of 6.5% and will provide extra milk in the bulk tank. Roasting your soybeans also provides more energy.

The oil becomes an available energy source and is 2.25% times as much energy as a carbohydrate without increasing the starch content. By roasting your soybeans, they are more palatable and this guards against oxidative rancidity.

One thing every farmer loves is to have his milk production raised to a higher level. By roasting your grain in a flame-kissed grain roaster, you will receive more milk. University studies show a sound increase in milk production over raw soybeans, so why waste your grains.

Don’t waste it, roast it!

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