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In the last 40 years Brinsea Products Ltd has grown to be the world leader in egg incubation technology manufacturing a wide range of egg incubators, hatching accessories and small animal intensive care units. Brinsea has held more patents for incubation technology than the rest of the small incubator industry combined, including the introduction of the world’s first Contact Incubator.

Brinsea’s incubators range from 7 to 580 egg capacity and include advanced features like integral automatic humidity control and temperature alarms. They are all made in their UK factory and include a comprehensive 3 year guarantee. Brinsea works closely with breeding centres of excellence and experts in the field, as well as conducting in-house test and development programmes – always checking that improvements are effective in practice and designs are practical and reliable. The result is a comprehensive range of products that suit all small scale bird and breeding needs. Brinsea has received widespread acclaim and Brinsea products are all over the world. Brinsea has distributors in over 35 countries

Brinsea celebrated 40 years of egg incubator design and manufacture with the introduction of 12 new incubators. These machines are designed to meet Brinsea’s strict specification needed for optimum hatch rates, visibility of the hatching eggs and reliability so the choice of model depends on the number of eggs you want to hatch, the level of convenience needed and whether you want full control of humidity and the alarm systems which all increase the odds of hatching success. All are fan assisted, durable and feature Biomaster antimicrobial plastics to reduce the risk of infection of the developing chicks. All the functional parts of these incubators are in the lids so that the hatching debris can be easily washed off the base parts.

The new Mini II incubators hold from 7 to 10 hens’ eggs and are available in Eco, Advance and EX form. The Maxi II is identical to the Mini II but with double the egg capacity with the same Eco, Advance and EX models. These incubators provide excellent visibility of the chicks as they emerge from the eggs. The Eco models are simple to operate manual turning machines which are fitted with Brinsea’s proven electronic temperature control and glass thermometer. The Mini II and Maxi II Advances are digital but most importantly they turn the eggs automatically which makes the Advance models ideal for beginners. The EX versions have Brinsea’s highly accurate, fully automatic humidity control built in and provide extremely precise control of the incubation environment for the maximum possible hatch rates. Their ability to set the turning interval as low as 5 minutes makes them ideal for parrot eggs too.

For larger numbers of eggs the brand new Ovation incubators have been developed with 28 egg and 56 egg versions.  The Ovations have a new and unique ‘Induced Dual Airflow’ system which ensures that every egg has the best possible incubation conditions. All Ovation incubators have automatic turning and digital controls. The Eco models have useful features including room and incubator temperature alarm and programmable turning interval. Brinsea know from customer feedback that humidity is the cause of many users’ incubation concerns so the Ovation Advance models have digital humidity display to allow the user to check humidity is correct. The EX model goes one step further with Brinsea’s highly accurate integral automatic humidity control – just select the humidity you want, add water and the Ovation EX does the rest.

Brinsea’s larger OvaEasy cabinet incubators are ideal for those wanting to incubate hundreds of eggs at a time. Breeders need reliability, ease of use and refined design for the highest number of successfully hatched chicks. Brinsea’s OvaEasy cabinet incubators have gained a reputation as tough workhorses which just get on with their job of hatching eggs, leaving the user to concentrate on their birds rather than their equipment. The OvaEasy range holds from 100 to 580 hens eggs and offer flexibility for different species and are optimised for multistage incubation (apart from the OvaEasy 100 which is single stage) for continuous batch incubation. The largest model in the range, the OvaEasy 580, is designed to work best with the OvaEasy Hatcher offering commercial grade multistage incubation for up to 770 hens’ eggs in a very cost-effective package.

For more information on Brinsea’s incubators visit: or call: +44 1934 417523

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